Lynn DeYoung

Director, Minnehaha County Emergency Management

Ellie has great passion and enthusiasm that made our conference a high energy event to attend.

Pauline Poletes

Political Consultant

Ellie can be trusted to keep ethics, goals, budget, personalities and originality in mind.

Kent Alberty

President, Sioux Falls Public Schools Board of Education

The use of social media during my successful school board campaign was key to the election win. By being very strategic with both the placement and release of ads we got the results we wanted and needed. Ellie made this a very simple yet effective tool for us to use.

Nathan Johnson

Mayor of Yankton, South Dakota

Ellie is a professional who knows how to encourage you and your team to be up to the challenge -- keeping you motivated, focused and positive. Her leadership builds people as well as campaigns, and that's a reward you and your team members will never forget.

Cynthia Mickelson

Vice President, Sioux Falls Public Schools Board of Education

Working with Ellie was an outstanding experience for our $190 million school bond proposal. The message was well received by the public as evidenced by the overwhelming victory we secured in our bond election (85% yes vote). Through traditional media and social media we were able to tell our story. I would highly recommend Ellie Highstreet for your campaign.

Vernon Brown

Chair, Vote Yes for Schools - Sioux Falls

In the art of election and politics, Ellie Highstreet strives to make it a science. She studies local election history, identifies supporters, and engages them through the ever-changing social media tools, not to mention the tried-and-true tactics. With her help in a 2018 six-week campaign, our volunteer committee passed South Dakota's largest-ever bond ($190 million) for three new Sioux Falls schools - a high school, middle school, and elementary, plus money for remodeling. And we did it with the highest victory margin in state history: 85.46 percent.

Amy Leon

Yankton City Manager

With Ellie’s guidance, a grass-roots community group was able to pass a vote for an aquatics facility by an overwhelming majority. This was a huge step for our community since previous attempts to move forward have failed. Ms. Highstreet led her team with positivity and confidence.

Kasi Haberman

Marketing Chair, Dive In Yankton

Ellie Highstreet masterfully assisted the community of Yankton, SD in passing an opt out for an aquatic facility. Without her expertise, it is my opinion that the project would have been in serious jeopardy. Ellie brought with her the insider-knowledge on how to pull the necessary pieces together in an extremely short window of time and kept our committee on track.  I highly recommend Ellie’s services to any one working on an opt-out or ballot issue.

Michael Gramlick

President, Sioux Falls Firefighters Association Founder, Step Up for Heroes

Ellie was instrumental during the formative years of our Step Up for Heroes program. While her event planning and fundraising skills undoubtedly helped facilitate our event’s success, it was her willingness to create, coach, and collaborate that helped drive our members into a new Era.

Jeana Goosmann

CEO and Managing Partner of Goosmann Law Firm CEO, BE WORTH IT, LLC

Ellie’s strategic approach to securing sponsorships is unmatched. Less than 30 days after executing our plan, we secured our first major sponsor for our conference! I highly recommend working with her on your next event, it will BE WORTH IT!